How To Find Someone’s Birthday In The UK

This article will show you how to find someone’s birthday in the UK. It is part of a series on how to find someone’s birthday online.  If you’re in the UK and want to trace your family history for important documentation and official works, online resources are your best friend.

You need to remember important birth dates of close relatives or loved ones if you’re filling out forms on their behalf. You may want also use online resources to dig up some information on potential business partners or new friends you’ve made online.

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Searching official documents for records of life events, can be a very time consuming and tedious process, so it’s out of the questions. 

Luckily, many websites provide access to official birth, marriage, death, baptism records of people living in the UK.  In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the more popular ones for a more successful date of birth UK search endeavor. People Finder

With 192 People Finder you get free access to birth records, phone numbers, addresses, etc. from a vast and periodically updated database. This database has records of over 750 million people collected from all over the UK.

If you want to find anyone’s birth records, just sign in to the website and select family records from the list of options. Once you open the portal, you can find birth records of people living within England and Wales by typing their first name, surname and time period of the birth records you want.

UK DOB Finder

This is another website where you can use to find full birthday records United Kingdom. After logging in to UK DOB Finder, create an account to register yourself. After logging in, just type the name of the person in the first search box, followed by address, city, province, or postcode in others to further refine your search.

After clicking the search button, complete dates of birth with similar names will be displayed as results. You can pick the exact date of birth and the closest match to the person you’re trying to find.

England and Wales Births 1837-2006

Find My Past is another useful online tool for birthday searches. It’s an index of civil registration of births within the United Kingdom from 1837 to 2006. 

After logging into your Find My Past account, type the first and last name of the person you’re trying to find to start the search. Refine this search by filling in the optional fields including birth year, birth quarter, mother’s maiden name, and more, if you know them.

Search UK Electoral Roll

At Search UK Electoral Roll, you can find someone’s birthday by typing their exact address if you know where they live. Start your search by typing their name, house number, road/street name, town and postal code in the given fields and click the ‘Search for Date of Birth’ button after. The results will give you that individual’s date of birth.

This website doesn’t provide its services free of cost, however, as you have to purchase credits after registering to avail its services. 

UK Data is another people search website where you can look up people’s date of birth, if they reside in England or Wales. It has approximately 500 million records of official electoral rolls from 1905 to 2019, which you can access for as low as $1. Simply log in and you can avail services such as birthday search, people search, address and post code search among a few other options. 

These totally free people search sites provide reliable gateways to a successful birthday search across England and Wales, but may not necessarily be your comprehensive source of information on how to find someone’s birthday in the UK. You’re not just limited to them so we advise that you use other online search directories, especially for cross-checking the results appearing on these websites. Also see how to find people in the UK and how to find someone free of charge

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