How To Find Someone’s Birthday In Canada

In this article, we will look at how to find someone’s birthday in Canada. This is part of a series on how to find someone’s birthday. If you are looking for someone’s birthday to surprise or to gift them then we recommend that you check out the entire series. 

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If you’re a Canadian national, finding public records including birthdays, marriage dates, immigration and other information may be important to figuring out more about your ancestry and genealogy. These records are vital for determining your family tree and may be available to you in church records and other official documents. 

In today’s high-tech digital world, it’s become way easier for a Canadian citizen to trace back their family. It’s possible through online resources that store such information as birth records, marriages, and baptism records. Therefore Canada birthday records public access is possible – read on to find out more. 

The Family Search Library 

You can use the Family History Library’s (FHL) free website to search for genealogical records across countries including Canada. The actual library can be found in in Salt Lake City, Utah. By perusing the Historical Records database on this website, you can access a digitalized collection of birth records.

After opening the website, your best bet is to click on the ‘Search by Location’ tab, as all records are not indexed by names. While searching for family records in Canada, always select the ‘Show all’ tab to get all listings. You can also find images of these records by scrolling down and selecting the ‘Image only’ menu.


The Family Search website offers a comprehensive and complete list of birth and baptism information in its database. The website currently provides birth and baptism records of over two million Canadians from 1661 to 1959, which you can use to trace back your family tree.

You can’t, however, get access to more recent birth records on account of restrictions imposed by privacy laws. Some records on the website are also available in the form of microfilm copies, and can be requested from the Family History Library and Family Centers.  


The Cindy’s List website is a trusted storehouse of useful websites dealing with birth and baptism records. It’s a convenient online genealogical search portal for Canada and other countries and provides you a carefully categorized and cross-referenced list of both paid and free birth and baptism records. It currently stores 338,002 links across 223 categories.

You get access links to sites holding records of birth and baptism records across Canada that you may use to trace back your ancestry.

Vital Records

Vital records are the records of births, marriages, and deaths created and maintained by provincial civil governments in Canada. These records give you access to a database births and baptism events of all individuals who lived in Canada since 1920. These records provide an exhaustive resource to find accurate names, birthdates, marriages and deaths of people all over Canada.

You may, however, need to search church records as some related information may have been recorded by church officials in those records.

To find out birthdates using civil vital records, you should at least know the approximate year and place of birth. For that, you may have to search other records beforehand including genealogies, local histories, biographies, census records, and more.

To further aid your search to access Canadian Vital Records online, here are a few useful links: 

  1. Canada Vital Records – Family Search
  2. Drouin Church Records – Ancestry Website
  3. Acadia, Canada, Vital and Church Records From the Drouin Collection At Ancestry

If you’re searching for birth records of people within Canada, the above resources and many others can help you inch towards your goals.

A final word of advice – always be sure to use the most reliable and recently updated family record sources for more accurate and successful searches. Since most of the old birth records are yet to become online, you may have to search old files and birthday record films before you make any headway. See also how to find someone in Canada or learn about how to find someone free of charge online. 

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