How to find someone’s address using Google

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

This article is part of a series on how to find someone’s address. In the old days before you could use Google people search, people either used to memorize addresses or they used to note it down. But those days are long gone because technology has evolved so much that all it requires is a few clicks on your computer and find people for free.

google address on maps

The big G is an incredible search option for finding any data. Whether you are looking to find a personal address or a business address, you only need to enter a few relevant words in the Google search engine, and it will come up with tons of relevant results.

However, it’s still a computer program. Unless you can direct it correctly, you won’t get the information you’re looking for. If you want to know how to direct google accurately by using the right search terms aka keywords to find someone’s address, this article is for you.

Here’s how to find a business address:

A business address is relatively easy to find compared to finding someone’s personal address. Although the basic idea is to search using the business name, sometimes it might not be enough.

So here’s what you can do:

Search using Email Address or phone numbers

Email and phone numbers are excellent pieces of information that enable you to find anyone’s contact information on google. They are so specific that they will only bring out the pages that consist of that email or phone number. Where there’s an email address or phone number, possibilities are that there might be a local address too. 

Search using a name and contact search terms

Generally, terms such as contacts, contact us, about us pages contain the contact information of anyone. These terms are known as Contact search terms.

So the idea is to combine these search terms with the name of the business to reach those pages efficiently. Here’s how to include contact search terms: “business Name” + contact us.

Although I have used “contact us”, you can replace it with terms like about us or contact us.

Here’s how to find a personal address:

Personal addresses can be a bit hard to find. However, it’s not impossible. Let us now dive into how to find someone’s address using Google if you are looking for their personal address. 

Firstly, you can try to find someone’s personal address using an email address or a phone number. But if you don’t know anything about a person you are looking for, it would be a better idea to use people search engine modifiers into the google search

For example, is a people search engine that has listed personal details of people, including address. Here’s how you should make up your search term to find someone’s information without using the in-site search of That’s Them: Site: + first name + last name

katie rose people search google results

How to find someone’s address using google maps

Searching in Google is like firing an empty gun. But if you want to pinpoint the location of someone, Google map is an unbeatable tool. Sometimes you don’t even need an address to find the place of business.

Since most businesses are listed on google maps, you just need to start typing the name of the company in the Google map.

Kari In restaurant on google maps

See? I didn’t even have to write the whole name!

Once you’ve found the business, click to open its details and you’ll find the address.

Kari In 11 b katitula rd

Again, you may know someone’s location, but you may not know his address. In that case, you have to move the red dot to the location to drag out the necessary details of that address. 

45 n elliot pi

See how I’ve found a street address by moving the red marker?

It’s completely effortless to find an address even without help. But if you’re still confused about a location, just ask the other person to send his location. Google map is incredible for its functionality, and with its share facility, you’ll surely find any address in no time!




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