How To Find Owner of Vehicle by VIN number Free

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

A vehicle identification number (VIN) by definition is one serial number which is commonly used in the car industry to distinguish each motor vehicle. This number can be used to help you find owner of vehicle by VIN number free.

Your reasons to use that number in finding out people maybe that you want to know who the previous owners of that car are. In other words, you are looking to know how old the car is. 

On the other hand, it might happen that the only detail that you have on the person is VIN number and you would like to find their name. Read on to find out how you can use this number to do your license plate lookup. You can use the people finder tools below.

vin number

Driver Privacy Policy

Before one can search to find someone by the VIN number, you will need to know that searching for people using it now has some restrictions. That is, to search for the people to come up with people’s information, you would have to first have a valid reason to search through the records. This information is protected by law in the Driver Privacy Policy Act (DPPA). 

Now that you know the finer prints when it comes to searching, it’s time to search. To make sure that the person that you are searching for pops up, it is better to make sure that you search by state. 

This way, if more than one person shoots up, you can be abele to sift through the results to the person that you are looking for. You can be able to learn find owner of vehicle by VIN number free at welcome to people search.

Free VIN check

Since you already have the VIN number at your disposal, you can then use it to check who the owner is here. Here you can just enter the VIN number and then press search and the results will be returned to you. Get your hands on the number and find people by the VIN number.

With the VIN number, you can unearth the identity of the person. Thanks to the internet, you can now search and find owner of vehicle by VIN number free. And remember to have a valid reason to search for people as the information provided in these records is protected by law.  


  • The information that is provided by the records is protected by law.
  • You ought to have a valid reason for you to be able to conduct the search here.
  • Searching by the state makes sure that you are narrowing down the search. Make no mistake; the VIN numbers are not identical.
  • Get where you can search for the people with the VIN number and type it in the text fields and search.

Additional information

Alternatively, you can use the services of a professional investigator though most will charge you a small fee for their services. With the professional investigators, what you need to only submit the vehicle that you want to be searched. Also make sure to specify the state in which you want the search to be conducted. Once the investigator receives these, he will search and return the results. The will include the name an even the plate number.

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