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To find someone’s history you have available to you so many methods and sites. There are  websites that will give you allow you to do phone number lookup, address lookups  and find details like the person’s current address, current phone number and so on. As well there are plenty or resources to guide you on how to find someone free of charge with specific focus on genealogy or family history.

But then there are websites which will give you information like the person’s birth records, marriage records, criminal history and previous addresses. This is a process where you try to find all available details on a person online. If you are looking to find history on a family member or just your family, genealogy sites are your choice. Let’s start by looking at these genealogy options.

Using Family Search for a Genealogy History Search

Family Search is one of the  cost free genealogy websites that can help you find information on your family history. If you are looking to conduct a thorough search on the site you will need to register. This will enable you to access information which would rather be unattainable if you are not a registered member. This includes saving and sharing records from their database.

Another option for a genealogy history search will be They have a comprehensive database. However this site offers people searches at a fee. You can try them too. You can take advantage of their 14 day trial period and find information on your, on the other hand, offer a 7 day free trial period.

Free People Search History from Background Check Sites

You can try a people history search from free background check. All you have to do is select the state you want to search from, and then select the type of records you want to look up from or use the search box that is available from the site. You can also search with a Social Security Number (SSN).

A background check from background check 360 is easy and straight forward to execute. You will get details like personal records, criminal history and court records. All these records are updated on a regular basis to give you relevant information.

The above options are what can make it possible to do a free people search history online. Whether you are looking to find information on your family, family member or anyone, you are covered here. Even though some are not totally free people search sites they do offer these searches at a certain small cost, you will find that they are worth it as they will give you what you want.

Also see White pages lookup for more robust people searching.

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  1. The site you say are totally free are a scam you go through all the questions and the search the last page comes up for credit card payments… All the sites on your site you have to pay for

    1. Hi Tarlise,
      Thankyou for stopping by.
      The sites we recommend have been checked and found to be real (do share a one that you found to be a scam so we may check it out and remove ASAP). Out goal is to recommend only the best availble online. On the free issue, it is true that some do have a premium service but you can get basic information that is useful. As well, it’s not all the sites recommended here that charge a free – for the most part they are free.

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