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Last Updated on September 1, 2021

This article is part of a series on free reverse email lookup. Today we look at the best free reverse email look social networks have to offer.

Have you received an email from an unknown person and finding ways to know more about that person? It is interesting to know that every day more than 300 billion emails are sent and received and most of them are from unknown person and companies.

Similar to a phone number people have their respective email addresses and use them for sign-ups, shopping, social media accounts, registering on websites, sending invitations/requests, etc. That way, they can be used on a people search process.

social networks

You receive hundreds of emails in your inbox among which some are unknown to you. Some unknown emails seem professional and serious but you are in a dilemma whether to move forward or not.

Before interacting or moving forward with conversation, you need to know everything about the email sender so that you can make the right decision. By performing a reverse e-mail lookup method where you will understand everything about the unknown sender, his whereabouts, and other details

Therefore, it is your due to right to know who is sending you emails and why. In this article, you will be made aware of the online which you can use to trace someone’ email address with the help of social media.

Why use social media for reverse email lookups? 

There are over 50 popular social media platforms some of them are very common such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and are used by almost everybody. You can essentially use any of these to do a free reverse email look social networks.

Social media websites generally use a process of email verification when a user creates an online account. No other identifying information is typically required. Note: There are many social media websites that keep email address information private due to modified account settings by account owners.

A reverse email lookup can determine the owner of a social media account that is not listed in public search results. This can help anyone that is doing a public background search to cross reference data that could be combined from other sources.

Therefore, social media platforms offer you a good opportunity to carry out your reverse email lookups and find the details of the persons or organizations you want to.

How to perform reverse email lookups using social media?

Social media platforms are huge networks that connect people. They also offer reliable details about the user you are looking for. Many times people use similar email ids to register on social media platforms.

Hence if your sender has registered his email id with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can easily find his details. All social media websites provide a search option where you can enter an email address and perform a free email lookup by name.

Many people are registered on social media sites other than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – so do take time to consider other social networks other than these.


You can use to perform an automatic email address lookup reverse search on social media. Just enter your sender’s email address and hit search.

Afterwards, Lullar will perform an automatic reverse e-mail lookup from over 30+ social networks and provide details of the persons and organizations you are interested in.

You should definitely try social media for a lookup email address because you will get to know about your sender’s real name, profile picture, and place of living or professional background even if he has restricted his social profile.

Limitations of using social media for reverse email lookups

free reverse email look via social networks may not be accurate as you would think. For instance, not many people use social media or even their original email in registering their social media handles.

Besides that, search engines may fail to provide adequate details on a person’s email because of security reasons.

Furthermore, many social media accounts allow you only restricted access as their owners believe in strict privacy of their contact details.

Social accounts are the identity of people online. You can know about someone’s interests, likes and dislikes just by exploring their social profiles. Whether you are a parent or an employer, access to social profiles can help you to keep your children safe, know more about an applicant or take a glimpse of the real life of your partner.

That being said, never use the information we are about to share to cyber stalk someone. It is not only unethical, but can also land you into troubles with the law.

Additionally be careful while digging for someone’s social accounts using email address as sometimes unrelated people might show up. Take this as the occupational hazard of searching social accounts using emails. Hope you found this article about free reverse email look on social networks helpful.


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