How to Find Free Arrest Records Online  

Verify the legitimacy of your new nanny, prospective business partner or any person of interest with free arrest records searches online. There are numerous sites which will let you find information on someone’s criminal background on the internet at no cost. This is information that is essential for your well being and at most times, your family.

The public records search may give you details like what crimes the person was arrest for, and the time the person was arrested on. Some of these sites will even give you photos of the individual from your search. You can find all these details for free using a name on some of these sites. let’s dig in below on how to find someone free of charge using public arrest records.

Free Government Public Records Search Sites

One way to find criminal information on someone is to use free government public records websites. A website like States arrest records will show you arrest records on your State for free. Enter a name, last name plus location (State) on their search box and search.

If you are not sure which State to search from, you can perform a countrywide search. There is also the option to just go to the State you want to search from and search from there on the site.

Find Dirt on Anyone for Free from Dirt Search

People might hide their criminal records for a number of reasons when they are just what you might need to make a better judgment on them. Luckily, sites like will help you find out more about them than what is on their resume.

To find out the criminal records on people on Dirt Search, you will need to provide the individual’s first and last names plus the location where you want to search from by selecting a State. You will find all the arrest records and property and public information available on them from the site.

Find Arrest Records with Black Book Online

Searching from back book online has the benefit of choosing to search with either a record type or searching from a particular location. The record types that are available are arrest warrants, criminal court, sex offenders, prison inmates most wanted and much more. You can also opt to search from all of them.

Searching by location means that you will have to pick the state you want to search from out of those provided on the site.

These are some of the choices you will have for a free arrest records search on the internet. Sites that do free background checks are also a good source of free criminal records. Try these free people finder options and make informed choices on the people you let in your life.

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