How to Get Public Records For Free


Are there any free public records? you wonder. Well if you want to know how to get public records for free then you are in the right place.

Whether you are looking for criminal records on someone or are looking to do a simple background check on an individual then continue reading below.


Public records searches vary from site to site. You have to understand how to find someone free of charge and also a full understanding on how they work to get the best out of them.


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Free Public Records uses


  • Companies can screen their potential employees through a free background check,
  • Individuals can verify the authenticity of their prospective life partners rather than base everything on hope.
  • Landlords can find out if the new tenants are the people they claim to be.
  • You might have moved to a new neighbourhood or have a new neighbour who just moved in.
  • You can also check out your neighbours to determine whether you and your family are really safe. After all, a sex offender is probably the nicest guy or girl down the street.

The types of public records searches that you can conduct online also vary. Take for example, a situation where you are looking for information on someone who was or is in the military. You obviously have to opt for the services of a military search site.


Arrest records are the way to go if you suspect that the person has a criminal record. Genealogy sites are more appropriate for a death records search. To know the nature of your search can help save time.


Free People Search Military


Army records are public records so you can lookup anyone in the military. You will be surprised at the number of sites available out there for military searches.


When searching for military records, it is an advantage to know and include the person’s military branch as it narrows down your search to the precise results.


It is a bit tricky though to find information on military veterans. It is the veterans themselves or their next of kin that can freely get this information.


So if you know someone who was in the army then you can ask them to use their details to access the information on your behalf.


The Service members Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service can help you verify if someone is in the military or not absolutely free.


This can be done with the date of birth or security number information. You will need to register though to access this information.


Arrest Records


People tend to hide their criminal history from people who do not know them. You can now verify quickly online the legitimacy of your neighbour, potential spouse, potential employee, child’s girl/ boyfriend or tenant.


It’s not all ordinary people search sites that can offer the dirt on people online. Your best bet will be sites that do background checks. There is a pool of them to choose from such as staterecords or


The more details or information you have on the person the better your search will be. For example the person might have lived in a number of states.


If you know which states they have lived in you can also check from them too. This can be done through checking for public court records. You can check this out; Where to find arrest records online


Death Records


Most background check sites give you birth, marriage, divorce and death records, but there are also sites that strictly provide death records online. Things like name, date of birth and social security number will be enough for a search in most of these sites.


Some sites will give you the date of death, cause of death, place of burial, close relatives and more. It will all depend on the type of information the site has.


Genealogy sites are also good sources of this information. It is also best to consult with other sites who have information on how to conduct a death records search as it entails a lot to it.


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Criminal Records


Criminal records are court records which every county stores. These records have been made available to the public even online.


Places that offer searches on them online vary from court records sites to county online sites and to background check sites. Any of these places will get you a record on someone’s criminal background.


I must warn you though that some sites and states do not offer free background searches. There are however some who have free trial periods which you can take advantage of. You will be able to search on them until it expires thereafter you are expected to pay for a search.


Government Records


Believe it not, you can find government sites that offer public records searches that you can use. What better place to offer people search free than the government itself.


The government is the one place where there are almost all records on people. The kinds of records vary from birth to marriage, death, military, criminal, genealogy and so on.


Marriage Records


People get married and lie about it. If you suspect that your potential life partner is hiding something, you can now avoid relying on hope and rely on the truth.


This you can do with a free marriage records search online. There are sites who store marriage records. There are also sites which have grand ideas on how you can verify whether your partner is married on not without “Googling” them.


Offline Options on Public Records


Public libraries and court houses are places that you can visit for most of the above mentioned types of searches, that is, if they are nearby. You can walk in and ask for these records.


There are times where they might ask for certain details or need you to present certain papers, so it’s a good idea to give them a call before visiting them.


This sums up all the options you have on how to get public records for free online. The types of searches vary and so do the sites that offer these lookups. You only need to take your time on a search as an instant hit is not guaranteed.


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