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Last Updated on August 30, 2021

There are actually a number of people finder sites that will let you find people free with their social security number (SSN). A lot of people do this search to verify a social security number for many reasons. These reasons can be both personal and business related.

With a social security number, you can find out who a person is (the owner), their contact details, previous names (if there are any), addresses and other background information. You can also do a social security number search to see if no one has been messing around with it.

Employers might run a background check on a social security number to verify if the potential employee is legitimate and not an illegal immigrant. This will save the company from legal issues. The reasons are many so let’s look at the options you have online.

Use Free Social Security Number Search Sites

Free people finder Sites that will let you do a social security number search for free will give you a result that is not very detailed. You might get the name of the person, their phone number and address only.

There are also sites which will offer a free trial search like This will let you know when and where the SSN in question was issued and to whom. You will be given three verification opportunities. For extra details on a ssn you will need to purchase one of the SSN verification passes.

Sites that offer background checks cannot be overlooked for this type of search. They offer a number of searches which might include a lookup with a social security number.

Try Out Premium Social Security Sites

There are also premium sites which are a better choice for this type of search. Careful attention should be exercised when choosing a site for a SSN search. Not all of them are going to give you a detailed outcome, so take your time to go over all of them.

One good example of a good site would be You will be able to search from other databases for data like liens, professional licenses, motor vehicle registration, real property ownership, businesses, relatives and much more.

You might also just go to the social security number offices and request this information if all fails. I’m sure they can give you all the help they can.

These are some of the choices you have when it comes to social security number searches. Free searches will give you very narrow details where as premium services are more detailed. Free trial searches are also a way to go. 

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