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Before the internet was around, it was difficult to find a long lost relative, friend, former colleague or schoolmate without having to go to government offices and get access to records. You also had to do some research by interviewing relevant people like friends and family that you were still in touch with to get any information about the person you’re searching for.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go that route anymore because of the presence of the internet and social media search capabilities – especially Facebook. Facebook search people lookup is a free people search feature now available in the social media website that allows you to start your search for people that you feel are missing from your life. It’s more convenient to start your search with little information such as a name, address or a location. Read on below to learn how to search people on Facebook. 

You can find people on Facebook using a number of techniques and methods. Remember that social media, especially Facebook, is a very powerful tool to help your voice be heard and helps you “connect and share with the people in your life” even if they’re not in it yet. Here’s how you can start your search.

Do A Simple Facebook Search people Lookup

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Facebook has 2.45 Billion monthly active users using the platform which means that it’s still the largest social media platform out there. Additionally, it encourages all it’s users to add as much information about themselves to their profile, to make them more comprehensive.

This means that the social media platform is one of the largest online databases in the world – and it helps you find people on Facebook more easily by filling in the gaps when you have bits and pieces of information. Whether it’s an old friend, coworker or old neighbor that you wish to reestablish a connection with.

When you log on to Facebook, you see a search bar on the top left side of the screen. This is where your Facebook search friends starts – if you know the name of the person and their occupation, type their name and as soon as you hit enter, you’ll find a few results, which includes people.

If you see someone that’s vaguely familiar from their profile picture, you can choose to open their profile and view their publicly viewable information. Facebook even gives you the option to send them a message via Messenger. This is very helpful as you can easily send them a personalized message asking that you’ve been searching for them and if they can meet you.

If you’re not entirely sure whom you’re contacting, you can always use the search filters available to you in a column on the left side. You can filter results containing the name you typed in the search bar. Maybe some of your friends may have mentioned them in their posts, or you may have come across posts mentioning them while browsing Facebook.

They may have been mentioned in group posts as well. You can filter your results using these filters as well as filters for dates and tagged locations. You can further refine your search with based on the tabs below the search bar. This includes photos, videos, people, places, pages, groups and specific posts.

The filtered results can help you with your research and if you’re sure about the person you want to find, you can just click on the people tab below the search bar to avoid seeing posts, photos, events, videos, business pages or other irrelevant results.

People You May Know

This is also a good way to find people on Facebook, because the Facebook search  people lookup tool or  algorithm picks out patterns and suggests different friends or people for you to befriend based on mutual friends, being tagged in the same photo as the person, or being in the same group.

You may have gone to the same school, college, university or workplace. Facebook may even suggest friends based on the contacts you’ve uploaded on Facebook, serving as a backup in case your phone gets stolen, or you change your number.

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This may not be as “hands-on” an approach as facebook advanced search but it can just as easily help you come into contact with someone that you may know or want to connect to.

Search By School, Workplace, City, College Or University

You may directly search for someone’s name and occupation if you know it, but what if you don’t know that either?

Even if you’re not directly associated with someone, you can still select locations such as cities or counties (if you live in the US), schools or universities, or even a workplace to see profiles that have that information. For instance, you may be searching for a former classmate that you haven’t had contact with since middle school.

Just type the name of your middle school in the search bar and hit enter, then sort the results by “people.” All the profiles that have mentioned your school in their description or in their Facebook bio will appear in the results. You can just as easily find people that have attended or are attending the same school as you.

Most people usually add their schools, workplaces and other useful data to their bio, which makes your search easier. This is because potential employers also have the tendency to browse through the social media profiles of candidates and it’s a good practice to have a complete bio on social media. The addition of this information makes it easier to find people on Facebook, based on what school they attended and where they’ve worked.

Utilize Your Network

Sometimes, your own Facebook friends can help you in your search for a long-lost friend or relative. Maybe one of your Facebook friends has already added them as a friend. Maybe the person you’re trying to find worked in the same office building as you and your Facebook friend. Maybe all three of you went to the same college, university or school together or lived in the same neighborhood before one of you moved out.

You can browse through your Facebook friend’s mutual or recently added friends or from work, hometown, college, university or community groups. (more on groups in the next section). You may also choose to apply the friends of friends filter in your search for friends or relatives.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are amazing – they gather people with similar interests or topics so they can have discussions or have their questions answered and more. Your Facebook people search can also benefit from groups because if you have common interests with the person you’re looking for, you can search for public groups that they might be a part of.

Marvel cinematic facebook page

For instance, if you and the person you’re looking for are both fans of the movie “Avengers: Endgame,” you may find them in one of the public or private groups on Facebook around the topic. For private and closed groups however, both of you have to be a part of the same group and you have to know their name to sort them out from thousands of members just to get to them.

Search for the group you may think the person is part of, using the search bar and select groups from the menu below the search bar. When you’re on your desired group’s page, open up the members section and search for the person using the search bar, where it says “find a member.”

There are many ways where you can use Facebook people search to find the people you’re looking for and the ones mentioned above are some of the more popular ones.

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