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How to Find Someone on Imvu

Last Updated on September 17, 2021

The different types of social media sites available out there is quite amazing. The diversity and uniqueness in them makes it all fun. Being able to use them and find people to share them with is the most important aspect. This guide will help you on how to find someone on Imvu.

Social media sites like Imvu normally do offer free social media search processes. Let’s take a look at what Imvu has to offer on that part.

What is Imvu?

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Imvu is an online social networking ‘metaverse’ that was founded in 2004. Imvu users create 3D avatars to interact with other users (meet, chat, play games). The platform has its own economy system whereby ‘credits’ could be purchased online using actual currency.

These credits are then used to buy stuff like clothes, hair, skin, accessories and 3D scenes such as homes, landscapes, furniture and clubs among them.

How do I Find Friends on Imvu?

People searches on Imvu are possible on both the website and on Imvu Mobile. With over 100 million users worldwide, a people search on Imvu might seem a little intimidating. Searching with a username might prove helpful as you can search from the Imvu Directory.

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Search on Imvu with a Username

A username search is the most probable way to go to on how to find someone on Imvu. Searches with email address are also possible too on Imvu.

Search with Username on Imvu Website:

      • Go to Imvu and login to your account.
      • Find the ‘Community’ feature at the top of the page.
      • Click on ‘People Search’
      • Look for the ‘Find a Friend’ section.
      • Click on the drop down menu.
      • Choose ‘Avatar Name’
      • Then enter the avatar name or email address with you.
      • Click on search.
      • Usernames that match your search query will be given to choose from.

If you are looking to add the person as a friend on Imvu once you found them, click the icon with a human figure on the right hand corner of their profile. A message will then show up that a friend request has been sent to them.

Search with Username on Imvu Client:

      • Go to Imvu and login.
      • On the home page on Imvu Client, click on the ‘Friends’ tab.
      • Next click on the ‘Add Friend’ button on the upper right hand side.
      • On the bar that shows up, type the username of the person you want.
      • Click on ‘Add Friend’ and a friend request would be sent to the person.

Another useful quality of the Imvu Client is that it can be used to filter searches. This quality can come quite handy if you only know a portion on your friend’s username. To filter searches on Imvu Client:

      • Go to Imvu and login.
      • Click on ‘Find People’ on the second page of the Imvu Client home page.
      • Type the avatar username on the search box.
      • Click on the options below the box. This will set items as filters to refine your search.
      • Remove the filter that lets you search for people who are online if you are not sure whether the person you are looking for is online.
      • From the results that follow, click on the avatar picture of person that you want.
      • On the bottom of avatar card, click on ‘Add Friend’.
      • A friend request will then be submitted to the person.

Search on Imvu Mobile

You can find and add friends on Imvu using Imvu Mobile.

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To search on Imvu Mobile:

      • On the Home Page, tap on Search tile which you can see by scrolling down.
      • Fill in the name of the avatar or an email address with you.
      • From the results, tap on the avatar name you are looking for.
      • For ‘More Options’ tap on the 3 dots on the Profile Card.
      • Then tap ‘Add Friend’.

If you still get no results from these free people search types, it might happen that the user set the avatar to be unsearchable. Otherwise these options will assist you on how to find someone on Imvu. The searches might not be that straight forward but are possible.

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