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Find Someone’s Birthday on Zoom

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

Online meetings have been on the rise after the COVID 19 pandemic came into existence. This has seen the rise in video chats. Zoom is among the leading video chat platforms online. This article will tackle the ways on how to find someone’s birthday on Zoom. The internet makes it possible to find birthdays through a number on Birthday finder sites, but lets find out what Zoom has in store for us.

What is Zoom?

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Zoom is known as the proprietory video teleconferencing software program that allows up to 100 concurrent participants restricted to 40 minutes. Zoom does provide an option of a paid plan with the highest plan supporting up to a thousand participants over a meeting lasting up to 30 hours. Founded in 2011, the platform was created by Zoom Video Communications.

There has been a surge in the usage of the platform due to COVID 19 as it is being used for remote work, distance education and online social relations. There had been 477 million Zoom app downloads in 2020. Lets take a look at one free people search you can try on Zoom.

How do You Find Someone’s Birthday on Zoom?

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Zoom does not provide a way to find someone’s birthday on the app. The app has a history of displaying people’s LinkedIn information without their consent. Zoom’s data mining feature allowed some Zoom participants access to other participants’ LinkedIn information . This occurred during meetings even if they did not sign in to zoom with their real names. This happened without their permission or even notifying them.

However, one suggestion that might help as you try to find someone’s birthday on Zoom would be to chat about birthdays on the platform. Asking directly, for instance,  might spoil the element of surprise if you are looking to give them a present. Conversations could be about which was their best birthday so far, what happened on their last birthday and lastly, where was it celebrated.

These are some of the suggestions you can try out on how to find someone’s birthday on Zoom. This is a platform that has allowed people to keep in touch with family, friends, students, teachers and business associates.

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