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Find Someone’s Birthday on Xbox

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

This article will look at the options you have on how to find someone’s birthday on Xbox. It might happen that you met someone on the game platform, built a relationship and are wondering if it’s possible to find their date of birth from Xbox. There is nothing that shows that you care about someone like helping them celebrate their birthday. Fortunately, the internet offers ways on how to find out someone’s birthday even without asking them.

What is Xbox?

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Xbox is a Microsoft video gaming brand. Launched in November 2001 (the original Xbox console), it reached over 24 million units sold in 2006. Since then, they have managed to release the Xbox 360 (2005), Xbox One (2013), Xbox Series X and Series S.

There are also other services like Xbox Network (an online service), Xbox Games Store (online market place), Xbox Smart Glass (companion application for Xbox 360 that allows more interactive entertainment) to name but some. Xbox Games are also compatible with Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices.

How to Check Date of Birth on Xbox

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Trying to find someone’s birthday on Xbox is an impossible mission. This is because Xbox profiles do not provide date of birth information. You can only see few details on someone’s profile such as username, number of friends, number of followers and location to name a few. You can change your birthday on Xbox if you had put an incorrect one.


One way to try when looking to find someone’s birthday would be to chat with the individual about birthdays. If you feel like asking them directly might ruin a surprise or might seem like you do not care especially if they told you the date previously, then starting a discussion around birthdays might help.

It might also happen that you once discussed birthdays on your previous conversation and going back to check previous messages might help. This is one idea to find people for free on Zoom.

Ways to find someone’s birthday on Xbox, a game from an internationally acclaimed video gaming brand, are limited.

You can use these Apps to find birthdays outside of Xbox


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