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Find Someone’s Birthday on Twitter

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

Birthdays are an important moment in every person’s life as they mark growth and remind those around us of that special moment we graced their lives with our existence. In this article, we will look at ways on how to find someone’s birthday on Twitter.

It has become a norm to celebrate such milestones. Friends, family and colleagues find this as an opportunity to show how much they appreciate you thorough many ways such as gifts/presents, celebrations and messages. Luckily, there are ways to conduct a birthday search on the internet.

What is Twitter?


Twitter is a social communications platform that allows users to post messages on it. Only registered users can post, like and tweet or retweet on the platform. Twitter has hundreds of millions of users who post millions of tweets per day. Registered users are allowed to add information on themselves like date of birth when creating their profile which can be visible to other users.

The tricky part when you are trying to find someone’s birthday on Twitter is that, you can only be able to view it if the person chose to include it on their profile. It is not a compulsory process. They can choose not to include it. There are some limitations to the site as a free people finder.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Twitter

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To view someone’s birthday on Twitter, you need to go to their profile on the top left hand side of their profile page where there is their personal information section. If the individual added their birth date, it will show.

However there are certain settings that the individual you want to find the birthday for must adhere to. These include the visibility settings, like who will be able to view the birth date.

The individual might choose to allow either the general public, followers, those they follow or those they follow and follow them to be able to view their date of birth. People aged 18 have their visibility settings set automatically to “Only you”.



Another way on how to find someone’s birthday on Twitter might be thorough their posts. Whenever someone who has included their birthday on Twitter posts something on their birthday, it is accompanied by a neon balloon overlay on that particular post. That’s another way you can be reminded of their birthday on Twitter.

It might also help to go through the persons Twitter feeds, viewing them as they might at some point have mentioned their birthday. Even though Twitter lets its users add their birthdays on their profiles, there is no feature that notifies other users of the birthdays of the people they follow.

These are the methods you can try out to find someone’s birthday on Twitter. However, the success of this process rests on the Twitter account holder’s decision to include or not to include their birthday on their profile.

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