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Find Someone’s Birthday on Phone

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

You may have met a stranger and want to find out their real age. It might be that you don’t want to miss an important person’s birthday. There are numerous reasons that can lead one to try to seek ideas and methods on how to find out someone’s birthday. Well, this article will show you how to find someone’s birthday on Phone.

What is Google Phone?

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This is Google’s official phone calling app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Connecting with friends and family has never been easier with the introduction of this app. The app does not only do that but also helps you block spam callers and lets you know who is calling before you answer.

You can record phone calls too from the app as well as check messages, view and play them in any order without needing to call your voicemail. Phone app is compatible with most Android devices operating with Android 7.0 and above. The question is how to find someone free of charge from it.

How to do a Google Phone Birthday Search

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Even though Phone has phone call screening capabilities which detect spam calls from Google’s Spam calls database, the app does have some short comings. Manual screening is not available in all languages or countries. Automatic screening is available only in the US. Call screening may not be able to identify all spam calls. This makes it a tough task to find someone’s birthday on Phone app.

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Phone app will only return the identity of the caller as results without any other further details. The app does that for callers not in your contact list in order to identify potential spam callers so as to block them. To learn more about how to screen calls on Phone app, you can visit google support.

Even though ways to find someone’s phone number on Phone app maybe impossible, the app has added value to the screening and evaluation of calls one receives on a regular. It surely is one app that is worth having as it continue to improve.


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