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Find Someone’s Birthday on Outlook Email

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

In this article we will look at ways to find someone’s birthday on Outlook Email. Emails are one way of communication that has proven to be reliable and efficient even now after the introduction of social media sites. They are at the core of text messaging.

As you exchange text messages with someone, you might be wondering if there are ways on how to find someone’s birthday without asking them, maybe from the platform that you normally use for communication like Outlook Email.

What is Outlook Email?


Outlook Email is a Microsoft product that acts as a personal information manager web app. It is made of webmail, contacts, calendaring, and tasks services. This service was formerly known as Hotmail which was changed to Outlook.com in 2012. Mail is the webmail part of Outlook.com.

Calendar allows users to view, add and drag and drop calendar events which are online and can be viewed from anywhere. Outlook’s Contacts offer users access to their contacts’ profiles and information. But does it offer some of the services that other totally free people search sites offer?

How to Check Check Someone’s Birthday on Outlook Email

It is possible to find someone’s birthday on Outlook Email. If you entered the birthday in Outlook Calendar there is a way to find it. All you need to do to search to search for a person’s birthday on Outlook Email is to:

  • Open the Calendar in Outlook.
  • There will be a text box at the top right hand corner opposite the date. It has a magnifying glass.
  • That is the search box you will use. You can search for a person’s name from here.
  • Your search would be much easier if you change the view to List.

Another method to search from Outlook Calendar would be to:

  • Select Tools on Calendar, then Advanced find.
  • Type birthday in the ‘search for words’ text box.
  • Go to advanced tab and enter ‘start’ in the Field text box.
  • From the drop down list, select ‘this month’.
  • Click ‘Add to List’.
  • The list of birthday for the month will then be revealed to you.

outlook 4

However, as you try to find someone’s birthday on Outlook Email, a search from the Contacts folder should be avoided as it only stores the original date but not this year’s occurrence.


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