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Last Updated on August 31, 2021

Emails have become an important commodity today because of smartphones that require people to have emails to register with it for functions that come with the phone. This article will look at methods one can try to find someone’s birthday on Email. Lets take a look at what email has to offer as one way on how to find out someone for free on the internet.

People searches are normally conducted even for free as there are totally free people search sites that offers such services.

What is Email?


Electronic mail is one way of exchanging information or messages (mail) between people with the help of electronic devices. Email operates with computer networks, primarily the internet. Email servers accept, forward, deliver and store messages. This invention is credited to Ray Tomlinson who in 1971 developed a system that enabled users to send messages to each other using the @ sign to link username with destination server.

How to do an Email Birthday Search

There are a number of tricks one can try to find someone on Email and here are some of them, that is, assuming you have an email address with you to search with. Lets take a look at some of them.

Birthday Search from Gmail

google gmail

Google has a number of services that you can use if the person you want to lookup has a Gmail account. There is Google Contacts and Google Calendar. You can also try a Google Search for that matter.

Other Email Birthday Searches

email 5

You can search for other types of emails too. This can be done using Google Search Bar and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On Google, go to the search and type the email address on it. If there is any information on it online it will show up.

Birthday Lookup on Social Media by Email

People usually register on social media platforms using their email addresses. So a search on them would be valid. To search for a birthday on social media by Email:

  • Find the search bar on the social media platform.
  • Enter the email and search.
  • The profile of the owner of that email address will pop up if they are registered on the site.
  • Go through the person’s profile and see if they included their date of birth when building their profile.

These are some of the tips and tricks you can try on how to find someone’s birthday on email. Since birthdays are important moments in our lives, we should try all means to celebrate them.


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