Find Someone’s Birthday on Driver’s License

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

It could be quite embarrassing not to remember the birthday of someone very close to you. It can be a close friend family member or colleague. Forgetting their birthday might seem like you don’t care and asking them again might ruin any chances of surprising them. This article will cover ways on how to find someone’s birthday on driver’s license.

Are you looking for ways to find people? A driver’s license can be one way on how to find someone for free on the internet.

What is a Driver’s License?

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A driver’s license is a legal document authorizing one to operate a specified motor vehicle such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles on a public road. It is also referred to as a driver’s permit in some circles. Driver’s licenses in the US are issued by each state and are recognized across all other States.

These documents have been used for more that authorization to drive as they are used also as photo ID, boarding a plane, buying medicine or booze.

Driver’s License Birthday Search

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To find someone’s birthday on a driver’s license should be easy. Drivers license comes with information like full name, date of birth, signature and photograph to name but some. The document hold a lot of details on a person depending on the information required by the State where the document was created in the US. All you have to do is get hold of the person’s driver’s license and you can learn their birthday.

Driver’s licenses are documents that are closely guarded and it won’t be that easy to find a person’s driver’s license laying around. This is because people can take such documents and use them for crimes. Another reason will be that, a lot of processes require the presentation of such documentation such as boarding a plane, buying booze or medicine as mentioned before.

However, you can trick the person into showing you their driver’s license. You can ask them to show them you the photo of their license or may be tell them that you want to see what theirs look like.

Other Options

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If you happen to have the person’s driver’s license number you can try looking for more information on them with it. With this information, you can access at least part of their driving record which come with the individuals address. You can also try to find someone’s birthday on driver’s license by trying that State’s DMV. Usually, the office can verify the license through the phone that is, if you provide them with enough identification. That may seem a long way to go but it is worth a try.

These are some of the ideas on how to find someone’s birthday on driver’s license that you can try. Hope they point you to the right direction to finding that all important birthday.



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