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Last Updated on May 21, 2022

Celebrating a colleague’s, friend’s or relatives’ birthday is one important event that is practised all over the world. It becomes a bit of a problem if you are not aware of the person’s date of birth though. This article will discuss ways on how to find someone’s birthday on Bumble.

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It is usually embarrassing to ask someone for their date of birth and might even kill the element of surprise if you intend to give them a gift. It comes as no surprise then that you might exhaust all options available to find that date of birth on your own. There is no better place than social sites in this day and age and in this specific case, Bumble.

About Bumble


This is the second most popular dating social site after Tinder that allow its users to communicate with each other through messages and video chats. The most noticeable quality of this site is that it only allow female users to make contact with matched male users. With same sex matches, anyone can make the first move. Signing up can be done through Facebook or phone number. The site has more than 55 million users in over 150 countries.

Bumble allows you to view profiles on users living near you once you sign in as a member. You either swipe right for users you like and left for those you don’t like. If they swipe right on you, then you are a match. The app does not have a search bar so the only way to find people free is from the users that it provides you with.

Bumble Birthday Search


bumble profile

It is practically a challenge to find someone’s birthday on Bumble since it does not reflect on their profile. The only information you can land on a user’s profile is their age. However, if it’s someone you have been communicating with for a while now, it might happen that they mentioned it at some point during your conversations. You might then need to go and check on your previous conversations with the individual.

People normally include their star signs (whether they are a Libra, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio or Sagittarius) on their profile and conversations. They might have done so even on Bumble. Although this might not give you the exact date of birth but it will give you a clear picture on when the person was born. You can also ask the person directly for their star sign and they might not suspect that you are fishing for their birthday.

Possible Challenges


However, there are also ways that users can limit others users when viewing their profile on Bumble. This can be achieved through applying Bumble filters, Incognito Mode, Snooze or Blocking. With these functions on, it will be impossible to view that person’s profile and find information on them.

Other than the mentioned challenges, these are some of the ways on how to find someone’ birthday on Bumble that you can try. With them you can make that persons special day be more special and memorable for both of you.

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