Ways to Find People with a Name and a Date of Birth Free of Cost

Searching with a name on people search sites will produce results but a search with a name and date of birth will give you more precise results. Below is a few tips and example sites that you can logon to in order to run a search query using the information at hand.

In Most cases the outcome of the search especially the date of birth information will filter the results to give only the names of the people with that name and that age.

There are a couple of sites that will let you search with a name then date of birth or age; one or two are mentioned below but you can also find more here and here. When using these sites, you mwy also be compelled to include the city, state or zip code – there are some that do not require this at all but just thought you should know.

Now,  let’s now look at how you can get those sites for your search.

Tips#1: Google Search to find a list of sites

On Google’s search bar, enter a key word like “free people search by name and date of birth”. A list of sites that do people searches by name and date of birth will pop up. Choose one or you can start with the first one on the list. Click on it, it will take you to take page where you can search using the name and the birthday. Note that there are two types of sites that will pop up i.e. content sites that offer advice on how to search and find people for free online (like this one) and then search sites that will have search tools to run your query on.

We will use   dobsearch.com to illustrate. Below their search bar, there is a link that allows you to search with a birthday and a name. Click on it and enter your search details.


Date of birth search

Fill as much details as you can on the search box and search. You can search with as little information too. Results may include a full name, phone number, current and previous addresses, relatives, an estimate of income and more.

Tip #2: Alternative sites and additional info

If your search from the first site produces no results, you can move on to the others listed in your Google search results. Remember, other sites will need you to provide the actual or even estimated age instead of date of birth, which frankly is the same thing. An example would be anybirthday.com. This site will let you search from the government registry record database. You can trace your family tree from here too.

Tip #3: Paid search – faster & more effective

There are also sites that will need you to pay to do a search on them. A site like abika.com has a policy which says no result, no charge, which I think is fair. They have billions of records to search from.

These are the ways to follow if you want to find people online using their birthday and name. The sites suggested have very large databases where you can get all the data you want. 

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