Best Sites to Search for People Free of Charge Online

It would take a life time to discuss all the free people search sites available online. There are so many of them and so are their different categories. A site on its own will let you perform a number of searches using different options.


Below are a few sites that can help find people on the internet at no cost. To be able to use them you need to have a better understanding of how they operate. This article is focused on just that.


People search is a people search site capable of letting you do people lookups and criminal background checks on anyone. These services come at a fee but you can take advantage of their 5 day risk-free trial.

To find out how you can take advantage of this trial period click here



There are countless activities you can conduct on this site. You will be able to do people searches and 100 % free background checks. You can also do a white pages and yellow pages search from this site.

Click here for more information on how you can go about this serch

3. Using a People Search Database

People search database

There are so many databases that you can look up from online. There are databases that will let you do reverse records searches, birth and death records searches, background checks, criminal records searches, military records searches and a lot more. It’s somehow impossible to finish all the types of searches in just one database.

You can learn how to do these searches here

4. Squidoo


If you visit this site, you will get a good list of quality people search sites which are absolutely free. There is a compilation of people locators that will let you search for any one at no cost. Whether it’s a lost friend, family member or you are just looking to find information on anyone, you can pick one from the ones listed here.

Find more info here

5. Mylife

MyLife offers so many types of searches to choose from. It gives you the opportunity to manage and monitor your life online through their page. You can also view your emails, status updates from social networks that you are affiliated with and find out who is searching for you online from here. You can do all this free of charge on this site. Another good example when it comes to people search sites.

Read more about this here

6. Yahoo

Yahoo people search

Yahoo is a well known search engine which offers services like Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers and more. The Yahoo Directory is the one which will give you answers when it comes to people searches online. They offer this service free of charge too. Ways to go about a free search on Yahoo are not that complicated.

Click here to find more Yahoo search options

7. Xbox Live

XBox Live

This is Microsoft’s online multi player gaming and digital media service. You can find, connect, chat and manage your friends from this Microsoft initiative. You can also play games online with your friends as long as they are online too. This can all be done totally free. There are ways to go about joining on this site and the methods to find friends that you will need to familiarize yourself with. You can find all this on the site’s page.

Get more information here

8. 411

411 people search

This is one of the online directories that you can find out there when it comes to people searches. A name, phone number and address are the primary information that can give you a result on this site. There are appropriate search boxes for all these search types. A search from here is 100% free.

Learn how to do a 100% free search here

9. Facebook

Facebook search

Are you looking for a step by step guide on how to view your Facebook history online? Then look no further as there are ways and places that offer such methods online at absolutely no cost. The information from these sites will help you be in control of your history on Facebook. You can do all this for free.

10. Locator Services

People locator

Not all people locators out there offer their services free of charge. Premium locators are known to present a more detailed outcome. You can get the same with free people search sites, that is, if you know how to go about such a process. You will need a guide on how to achieve the greatest of results without parting with your money.

11. Yellow Pages

Yellow pages

If you are looking for any business found in the country online, you have no better place to start than the Yellow Pages. Look up a business or company by name or category from the Yellow Pages. There are ways to get the best out of the Yellow Pages through following the guidelines put down for a search.


These are some of the sites that will give a result on cost free people searches. You can use them as people search sites for your look up.

The best way to understand people search sites is by grouping them and then focusing on searching within each group; These are reunion sites, clubs and associations, social networking sites, common interest forums, job listing sites, public databases, whitepages and general search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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