7 Ways to Find Information About People Via The Internet

In case you are wondering, there are countless ways to conduct a free search online than you can imagine. Below I highlight a few of those options you have for this type of search.


You can go through all of them first before you decide on the one that would be easy to go with. This is because every people search that a person can perform online needs that you be familiar with how it works to be able to get the best out of it.

1. Generate Reports

reportsThese reports are created by people search sites. When using people search reports, you can find a name, phone number, a residential addressemail address, cell phone number, social security number and other details. Reports come in different sizes and formats and in most cases they will bill you for it. The one way to get it free is to settle for the limited ones, which provide basic information about the person you are looking for.

Find out more about these reports here

2. Search & Find Profiles

profilesSearching for a person’s profile to find more information about them is the best way to find people free right now. Profiles are easy to find online and in most cases you won’t have to pay anything. If you are looking to find profiles on people you have no better answer than social networks.

It is even easier if you know what social network the person might be registered to but it should not deter you if you don’t; So the trick here is either find a social network that the person uses or use sites that collect info from various networking sites.

Here is a helpful article about profiles

3. Use 7 Day Trial Sites

trialThe sites that offer 7 day trial periods are sites that charge a certain fee for their services. They offer the trial period to find someone for you to try them out hoping you will then sign up, pay with your credit card and continue them for more searches.

In most instances the trial period lasts for up to 7 days and after that, you are expected to pay for further lookups. These sites offer very large databases and if you are looking for a comprehensive one time search, they are your best alternative.

See more on seven day trial sites here

4. Do a People Lookup by High School Online

highschoolReverse people searches are one of the best ways to find more info about people such as long lost friends or classmates. There are sites referred to as alumni sites, which are intended to help you find people like former classmates online. They gather information on schools around the country (even globally) for you to access at no cost. So if you know the high school the person you are trying to lookup attended, then you will find what you want from these sites.

Read More about this here

5. Find & Use “no Charge” Help Guides

helpMethods to search online might not be that easy to come by but there are places online which can give you advice on what steps to take for a successful search. They offer a guide on how to go about your searches and the places use. This completely free people search help is very detailed in nature.

Read more about people search help here

6. Use Book Clubs sites That Require No Credit

book-clubIf the person you are looking up loves reading then chances are they have joined a book club online. You can search through free book clubs, and you don’t even need to use your credit card. Search engines can help you find a list of these clubs. Remember that all this can be achieved at absolutely no cost. Note: There are also different categories on book clubs and knowing the category favorite of the individual might be one way to narrow down your search.

Click here to read more about how to search using book club

7. Try a Reverse Search by Maiden Name

maiden-nameA maiden name is someone’s birth name (last name). It’s a known fact all over the world for a woman to change her last/ maiden name after getting married to assume the husband’s last name. You can find a married person’s last name through public records.

This means a person might have used the internet before getting married and used their maiden name. So when conducting all the person searches recommended here, don’t forget to try a reverse search using their maiden name.

Here is a full article on how to go about doing this

In Conclusion

The above listed suggestions are your passport to seeing an outcome from a completely free lookup that you can perform online. They are different from each other and one must pick the one that you have the information to search with.

These options also give differing people locators to use. You can try as many as you want provided. Do not limit yourself as one search might not give you the results but the other might.

You can also check out our guide on USA People Search

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