How to Search for People in Canada using 411 and Social Networks

Keeping in touch with your friends, business associates and loved ones is somehow a way of life and necessary procedure. There are times when you need to find certain information on them and would like to reconnect with them in cases where you have lost contact. There are ways to go about that online for free. In this case, we are going to look at how you can search for a person in Canada.

Canada search

Searches online can be done with a name, phone number, username and an address. With any of this information, you can learn more about the person you are looking for. We are going to look at examples of these sites with these searches in Canada below.

Canada 411 People Search (Canada)

Canada 411 People Search

You will never go wrong with a search from 411. You can do numerous searches like a name search, reverse phone search and reverse address search.

To search with a name, just type the name of the person you are searching for on the search bar and their last name, plus city and province and then search.You will be able to find their address along with a postal code and their telephone number.

Phone number searches are also possible here since they have a directory on them. This is because the site is powered by the Yellow Pages.

You can also search with an address since the listed numbers in their directory come with address and names. So it’s only appropriate that your reverse address search will result in a name and phone number as part of your results.

Social White Pages Canada

Social White Pages Canada

This is the Facebook page of the White Pages in Canada. A lot of people are affiliated with social networks and Facebook is a major one all over the world. This means you will have access to Facebook White Pages information. That will result in a very comprehensive search result.

To search from here you need to be a registered member on Facebook. Once you become a member you can easily go to their search box and type in your query. You will have access to their database which includes photos, Facebook and Twitter profile, blogs and other information. This search is totally free.

These are examples of search options available in Canada. They are not the only ways to use on how to lookup people in Canada. There are numerous sites for such a process.

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