How to use Age and a Name to Lookup People Online Free of Charge

When you do a people search by age and name you are in a better position to find what you are looking for. This kind of search is ideal because it is detailed. Searching with information like age really refines your search. It gets rid of unwanted results and gives a more exact result. This makes the search a bit quicker.

The more information you have, the quicker your search will be. Incorporating details like age, for example, can make a huge difference.

Free Age and Name Search on Google


Free Age and Name Search on Google

Take a search on Google for example. If you type in the first and last name of the person with the age in quotes on the Google search bar, you will be given all the individuals with that name and age available on Google’s database. This is how you do it, “Jason Michaels, 30” and press search. If you also include the city or state to search from, you will get more direct results. You can type it in like this; “Jason Michaels, 30, New York”.

Google will provide you with all the Jason Michaels who are 30 and live in New York. Go through them and find what you are looking for. It is far better than searching for all the Jason Michaels found in the USA. Imagine the list you will have to go through. The age range will also contribute to a messy result as you will get all Jason Michaels, both young and old.

Search from Totally Free Search Sites


Search from Totally Free Search Sites

People search sites also let you use age on your search. It might not be all of them but a few like DOB Search will let you search with age. It’s only appropriate to search with age on the sites which offer age on the search results too. If they provide age as part of the results then it means they have age data on their database.

Sites that do background checks are a good place for this kind of search as they have a lot of public information. Some of them might need you to pay to do the search. I would advise you to try those which offer free trial periods as they are your only free option. A good one will be Search Bug.

Try Searching from Social Sites


Try Searching from Social Sites

Most social network sites have a search bar where you can type in the name of the person and the age, press search and wait for your results. Social networks are ideal because when a person signs up, they provide information like their full name (and alias if available), their age, school and work history as well as their contact information.

If you use some or even all the ways stated above, you will easily find anyone using their name and date of birth. You can even take the results you get from one search and use them to do another search in order to get more information.

Here is another way to find people by name & other information

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